WhatsApp Marketing Software

There is no denying that WhatsApp has revolutionised the messaging system on mobile devices. The reasons for this are:

  1. WhatsApp is a free messaging software for mobile devices;
  2. It can be used to send texts as well as images apart from audio and video messages, which was not possible with conventional texting tools available to smartphone users till WhatsApp came along;
  3. WhatsApp messaging is possible to any part of the world, because Internet is used to facilitate this feature. On the other hand, the conventional texting system requires telecommunication towers and receivers, which may not be there in all places.
  4. WhatsApp has few platform restrictions. Therefore, it can be used on an iPhone, Android, Windows, Blackberry or Nokia smartphone devices without any problem.
  5. WhatsApp lets users make most of Wi Fi. Therefore, even if the sim card in the smartphone is removed, the user could still useWhatsApp with existing number. Similarly, if the user’s cellular connection is disconnected, WhatsApp still allows the user to continue using the number. Of course usage and other charges apply.
  6. WhatsApp messaging is considerably cheaper when compared to conventional messaging systems for mobile phones because messaging is through the Internet and not telecommunication towers. The cost is as low as $1 per year

WhatsApp enters marketing

WhatsApp has a few new variants which have become good marketing tools. These variants include WhatsApp marketing tools andWhatsApp bulk marketing tools. Basically, these are similar to conventional WhatsApp messaging which enables users to share images and video recordings with several friends or other persons at one go. The same ability of WhatsApp messaging is utilized to send promotional messages or images, effectively launching WhatsApp in a big way into digital marketing and direct marketing worlds.

Note that it is not essential that WhatsApp marketing tools bulk or not, are developed by the original WhatsApp developers, or even the present owner of WhatsApp, i.e., Facebook. Therefore, there are many WhatsApp marketing software programs available in the market now, differing in their capabilities.

Social media marketing versus WhatsApp marketing

WhatsApp marketing is proving to be superior to social media marketing which has been the essential tool for most of the online marketers for more than a decade now. The reason is the speed at which WhatsApp is able to send the promotional content. Like the social media content, WhatsApp marketing software also allows user to send text messages, video recordings, audio recordings or images, or content that is a blend of any of these. But WhatsApp marketing is better because creating such content is easier through WhatsApp.

Moreover, group chatting on WhatsApp marketing integrates the benefits of conventional social media platforms into the marketing tool, effectively, letting the recipient of the message, image, etc., know about the product from others who may be there online. This results in faster transformation of the recipient into a customer.

Like social media, especially Facebook, aWhatsApp bulk message sender can also create groups, but care needs to be taken to make such groups. Irrelevant grouping can actually prove to be detrimental to the interests of the business.

Conventional texting tool versus WhatsApp bulk messaging software

In conventional marketing with texting, it could take forever to type the promotional content and merge it with the phone numbers available on the smartphone. Moreover, there would be a limit on number of phone numbers that could be stored or managed, and contacting strangers on both lists meant more manual work.

Similarly, the type of content that could be sent across was essentially text and no images, audio clips, or video clips could be sent, which restriction made any marketing initiative with such texting almost ineffective. With WhatsApp bulk messaging software, those constraints have been removed, and speed has been added, effectively making marketing through WhatsApp tools easier and more effective.

Another drawback of conventional ways of communicating was the DND or do not disturb feature. People can ask for DND, and not be on radar at all either for SMSes or for phone calls. But WhatsApp bulk messaging faces no such restrictions, as yet. Users can, however, block or unblock senders of WhatsApp marketing business messages through the software.

Emailing versus WhatsApp bulk message center

Unlike conventional texting and emailing, WhatsApp marketing software offers additional features such as giving access to all active WhatsApp users and managing the promotion by keeping track of responses.

Effectively, bulk WhatsApp marketing is much more than mail merging and sending emails to prospective clients and thereafter spending time twiddling thumbs. In conventional texting and emailing, the person would wait for the user to respond, and some of those mailing addresses could be wrong as well. So bouncing of email was a possibility. With the bulk WhatsApp marketing tool, responses are almost in real time. Only active WhatsApp users are targeted for sending the message, so the message is never returned. Moreover, it is possible to respond in real time. Customers can voice their doubts and concerns immediately, and get their clarifications quickly, so that the decision making becomes faster. Quite often, delay in response from the seller is the reason for a customer who is actually interested in buying the product or service, to opt against it.

Services that WhatsApp bulk messaging sender offer

The list differs from one company to another, because of the software. In general, the WhatsApp bulk message software facilitates:

  1. Sending messages in numbers that are in the 1000s and not 10s or 100s;
  2. Compose and send different types of messages including images, audio recordings, and video recordings.
  3. Easily prepare database or register the numbers of WhatsApp users to create a channel for sending the promotional content. The process is much simpler and the selection of WhatsApp users is wider. Such software also makes importing of these channels simpler from different sources of such databases. Editing of databases is also possible and simpler. Separate inboxes are available for every channel and it is possible to keep track of communication from here. Software programs also generate numbers, which can be filtered and exported based on their usage of WhatsApp;
  4. It is possible to create multiple messages and shuffle them so that same client does not get the same message again.
  5. The software keeps a record of when the message has reached the intended recipient, and issues alerts of when and if there has been a reply.
  6. Generate auto replies;
  7. Data security and data integrity;
  8. Generates statistics that show how many of the messages were delivered, and read, apart from those that are not read. This is not possible with conventional messaging tools.
  9. Incoming messages from prospective customers can be viewed in list format to easily select the customers that need to be replied to immediately;
  10. Backup of chats and mails for reviewing it.
  11. Automated messaging is also possible as is manual messaging.

How to make the most of any WhatsApp marketing software

The tool lets WhatsApp bulk sender prepare databases of people to whom the message is to be sent by selecting them. These lists can be used for other purposes and sold as well. Most websites mention that the furnished information will not be shared. But the WhatsApp bulk suite software generates that list based on the usage of WhatsApp. It is for the users of WhatsApp to block numbers at their end. Nevertheless, indiscriminate messaging can misfire here as well.

Since 24/7 interaction is possible on such software tools clarifications can be handled quickly and so the brand image cannot be tarnished as easily. Rumors, if any, can be laid to rest as well.

It is possible to create a personalized angle with each and every customer, which is something that is difficult with conventional digital marketing initiatives. Such interaction helps to get likes for the product on social media sites, and even generate further interest in the product.

People are usually forced to select the product that is available to them even in shops often because what they need is not available anywhere in the market. Here, the customer gets to ask what he or she wants, and that requirement can become the basis for improving the product or brand. Earlier the only way a manufacturer could improve the product was to conduct some surveys on whatever development were already thought of at its end. But with customer’s inputs, the direction of development is more clearly defined. Offers are also more easily communicated through these channels.

Another advantage is combining websites, social media, and WhatsApp bulk message sender or WhatsApp bulk sms facility. When details of WhatsApp contacts are furnished on social media and websites, and offers are mentioned there, there can be a deluge of questions or orders. At such times, sending replies through WhatsApp bulk message programs is easier.

Why opt for professional WhatsApp bulk marketing business?

These companies handle more than one client and are familiar with different WhatsApp users or channels which are receptive to different types of marketing campaigns. They also know which

WhatsApp bulk sender download is more suitable for your business.  Special services are included in their offer. For example bulk WhatsApp marketing India can filter the responses of customers and send the ones to you that need immediate attention.

If you are the owner of a small business enterprise, getting a reliable service that focuses on getting you as many customers as possible, without you doing much will surely be a relief, and you could afford to focus more on production and other matters of your business. In fact, WhatsApp bulk messaging will ensure that more people think of you as technology savvy person, and therefore, are going to be interested in checking your products or services. Your marketing expenses will plummet down for sure. You no longer need those periodic meetings and targets because your WhatsApp bulk marketing will ensure a steady inflow of clients. Effectively, if you find your sales dropping, all you need to do is request the WhatsApp bulk messaging business to send some messages to any of the lists that are generated by the software or any existing list and customers will start trickling in.

These businesses also help with analytical services and guide you with the kind of content you need up there on your website or in the message that you should be sending to customers. You could even use your desktop to send such messages using the lists generated by the WhatsApp marketing app.

Word of caution:

Any marketing initiative requires some social courtesies. It should be remembered that not every person using WhatsApp is a potential client. Some criteria need to be set for ascertaining that. If the user is not responding, bombarding them with more promotional content will only get them to block the bulk messaging business. It is better to study the user patterns as well to decide what sort of products interest the user and message them accordingly.


While it is true that the market is shifting towards the consumer from the manufacturer, it is also true that marketing with WhatsApp sort of gives the rein back in the hands of manufacturers by giving them access to select groups that are more likely to spend on the product or service that they have to offer. Conventional marketing methods are not down and out as yet, but their importance as well as effectiveness is decreasing considerably with new methods such as WhatsApp marketing appearing on horizon. A combination of contemporary and conventional marketing methods is necessary so as to get a wider network of customers who in turn may recommend the products or services. Since WhatsApp marketing is gaining considerable ground, especially since Facebook took over, it is necessary for all businesses irrespective of the fact of whether they are large business enterprises or small and medium sized ones, to get on board as soon as possible.

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